Your ideas should become projects

for better humanity, self- development and arts

Major Keys

set of tools for state of the art efficiency and creativity

Project Launch Magic


In this 2-parts course you will learn how to put your idea into a structure and turn it into a conscious brand, prepare to launch and enjoy the process. As well as how to access your creativity flow, and keep it steady...

Part 1


is your practical guide on how to shape a creative brand, make it stand out, speak to your authentic audience, and launch your project with ease and confidence

Part 2


is your set of “practical magic” tools based on the ancient wisdom and proved methods of world geniuses from different areas of expertise to help you master your state of flow, i.e. most resourceful and creative state of your being...
...and create from there

Next course is pre-scheduled for October 2020.

Download your Authentic Audience Checklist below:

People who see make brands who listen